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Use this site to tell all States of Guernsey services in one go when you and/or your family move to a new residential address.

You will need to:

System & Browser Requirements: The Population Portal supports Windows PCs running Internet Explorer 9 or above (IE 11 recommended), Microsoft Edge, or the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome. It also supports Apple macOS desktop and laptop computers running Firefox, Chrome or the latest version of Safari.

Who do you want to notify?

  • If you are registered with the Revenue Service (income tax and social security contributions), receive pension payments and/or benefits you must notify us of any change of address. If you are an employer and your business address has also changed you will need to contact the Revenue Service directly to advise of the change of business address.

  • Include this if you have a driving licence and/or own a vehicle (there is a legal obligation to keep your address details up to date if you do). Please note, you will need to send in your paper/plastic driving licences and vehicle registration certificates for amendment.

  • Please include this to keep Population Management up to date of your current address. Please note that for certain Permits there is a legal obligation to keep Population Management up to date with your address.

  • Include this to ensure any appointment details or screening invitations are sent to the right place.

  • Include this if you farm, own livestock or receive the horticultural glasshouse census.

  • Include this if you have a membership with Beau Sejour or if you or your children have lessons with the Beau Sejour Swim School.

  • Include this if you are a mooring holder, a registered vessel owner or are on the mooring wait list.

  • Include this if you pay Cadastre Tax on Real Property (TRP) or Parochial and Refuse rates.

  • Include this if you receive invoices from the States of Guernsey, including the Courts or the Law Officers.

  • Include this if you are registered on the electoral roll.

  • Include this if you operate a food business, hold a Waste Transport Licence and/or Exemption, a Tattooing and/or Piercing Registration or a Tobacco Licence.

  • Include this if you have a firearms license.

  • Include this if you are an official associated with a Guernsey registered charity or non-profit organisation. This will ONLY change your personal residential address. Any changes to the business address or contact address for the charity must be done using the forms available on

  • Include this if you have a man in charge / engineer licence.

  • Include this if you have a Guernsey Harbours Security Pass or a port parking, marine trader or fish quay permit.

  • Include this if you have an ongoing civil or criminal matter for which you have applied for, or been granted Legal Aid or if you have an outstanding Legal Aid debt. This is important as if we are unable to contact you it could lead to your Legal Aid Certificate being suspended, discharged or revoked.

  • Include this if you are a registered person with the Guernsey Registry for the purposes of acting as a Company director, Foundation Official, Limited Partnership General Partner or Limited Liability Partnership Member. This will ONLY change your personal residential address. Any changes to the registered office address or principal place of business MUST be made using the online services portal.

  • Include this if you have booked tickets via the website.

  • Include this if you are self-employed and your business or trading address is the same as your residential address and you will be transferring the business to your new residential address. If your business is a limited company, a partnership or if you are a director; you will need to select the Guernsey Registry option.

  • Include this if you are a Boarding Permit Holder, an accredited Tour Guide, an accredited Attraction Operator, hold a Taste Accreditation, or are a Visit Guernsey Industry Partner.

  • Include this if you have any dealings with the office of H.M. Sheriff and H.M. Sergeant.

  • Include this if anyone in your family group attends a States School, the Sixth Form Centre or the College of Further Education or is in receipt of a grant for University education.

  • Include this if you are a fishing vessel licence holder.

  • Include this if your vessel is registered under Part I of the Ships Register as a British Ship, a Commercial Fishing Vessel or is on the Small Ships Register.

  • Include this if you live in or are planning to move into or out of Social Rented Housing (States of Guernsey and Guernsey Housing Association Properties).

  • Include this if States Works collects your sewage, maintains your garden / grounds or collects your rubbish or green waste (i.e. in addition to parish refuse collections).

  • Include this if you receive payments relating to goods and services you have provided to the States of Guernsey, receive a grant from the States of Guernsey or receive a payment administered by HM Sheriff.